Warranty & insurance

How is the warranty of the Supersola build up? And what insurance policies cover the Supersola?


The Supersola has an all-in system warranty of 5 years. This covers the entire system. Besides an all-in warranty, there are also warranties from the manufacturers on the solar panels and micro-inverter. Which are the follwing:

    • Manufacturers warranty on the solar panel: 10 years.
    • Yield guarantee of the solar panels: 80% efficiency after 25 years.
    • Manufacturers warranty on the micro-inverter: 25 years.


In principle the Supersola’s are covered by your household content insurance. However this differs per insurance company and policies. We recommend to check your insurance policy with your insurance company. Supersola’s do not belong to your home insurance, because it is moveable property (not stuck to the house).

Weather proof

Storm: The Supersola is designed to be able to resist more wind then a regular “common” flat roof solar system. Therefore nothing can happen, provided that you do not place them too close to the edge of your roof. This is because around the roof edge extra windturbulence can arise. The higher your roof, the more turbulence is to be expected, which means more distance to the roof edge is required. How far the Supersola needs to be placed from the roof edge can be found here.

Hail:  Our solar panels meet the IEC/EN 61215 standards and are tested on surviving impact of 50mm sized hailstones projected with high speed.

Freezing: Supersola’s are designed to fully freeze on cold winter days, without breaking the water tanks.

Are plug & play solar panels allowed?

Yes!  Plug & play solar panels, like the  Supersola, belong to the commodity law in the Netherlands (nVWA), just like all other electric low voltage equipment. Which also means that the Supersola needs to conform to CE- marking requirements of low voltage equipment. Which it does.

Equipment that is connected to the general power grid via power cords and extension cords do not belong to the Dutch bouwbesluit 2012. Which also means that the Dutch NEN1010 standard does not apply to plug & play solar panels like the Supersola.

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