Is my roof suited for plug & play solar panels?

Whether your roof is suited for plug & play solar panels, depens on a variety of factors. Via the schematics below you can make a decent estimation of whether your roof is suited.

When is my roof suited?

Icoon Plat dak maximale hoek

1. Roof pitch:

The flatter the placement surface, the better. Due to wind load a Supersola can be places on a maximum slope of 3 degrees. Besides a flat roof, the Supersola can also be placed in a garden or on a balcony.

Icoon dakmaterialen

2. Roof top material:

A Supersola will fit on the most commonly known roofings and can also be placed directly on the ground. When placing the Supersola on a roof with gravel, we recommend to push aside the gravel around the Supersola. With a rooftof made from PVC we recommend to place special “plasticizer-resistant” feet underneath the Supersola. We can provide this when ordering. You can metion this in a remark field during the ordering proces.

Icoon dakbelasting Supersola

3. Roof load:

Roofs are calculated to sustain certain loads. When this load is exceeded cracks can occure or even worse. A fully with water filled Supersola weighs around 95 kg. Which means an average load of 47,5kg per square meter. Also notice that the roof also needs to be able to carry your own weight in addition to the Supersola, when placing the Supersola. So make sure your roof can hold both your weight and that of the Supersola. When in doubt let an expert take a look at it.

Icoon windbelasting

4. Wind loads:

Your roof needs to have enough space to place the Supersola and have some space left to the edge of the roof. This is due to the turbulance that arise with hard wind gusts, which can make the Supersola slide. Therefore we recommend to keep a distance from the roof edge. You can use the following rule to make sure there is enough space between the edge of the roof and the Supersola.

    • 1st floor: 50cm
    • 2nd floor: 100cm
    • 3rd floor: 150cm

Do you have a small roof and want to use every centimeter, then use this formula to calculate the optimal space between the edge of the roof and the Supersola. Formula- rooftop edge distance-Supersola

Icoon oriëntatie zuid

5. Oriëntation:

Place the Supersola facing as much as possible to the south. This is the position in which a solar panel is most efficient. However a solar panel facing east or west will also be worthwhile, but will generate 9% less then when facing south.

Icoon schaduw

6. Shadow:

Make sure that there will be no shadowing possible on the solar panel during the day. If it does happen that shadowing will occur on certain moments of the day, then choose a place where the shadow only hits early in the day or late in the day. Even if a small part of the panel is covered in shadow the entire panel will generate less energy.

Besides placement it is also wise to check whether your main meter is suited to register energy being fed back into the grid..

Is the Supersola suited for my camper or caravan?

No, the Supersola is not suited to place on top of a caravan or camper.


Can a Supersola also be placed on my rental home?

Yes that is possible, as long as you are allowed to use the roof. If the roof is not part of the rental agreement, than it is wise to check with the home owner whether you can place the Supersola. The Supersola can easily be placed yourself, so there you are no longer depended on the owner. Besides you can also easily take the Supersola with you again when moving.

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