Feed-in solar panels

Solar panels all feed-in solar energy to the power grid. Below we give a short explanation how this works for Supersola.

How Supersola’s feed-in to the grid

Teurglevering - stap 1 - Zon op zonnepaneel 1. Sunlight will hit the solar panel. The solar cells inside the panel will convert the sunlight into solar energy. As soon as the sunlight hits the solar panel it will start up and start to generate energy.
Teurglevering - stap 2 - Stekker in stopcontact

2. Every Supersola contains a micro-inverter. This micro inverter will invert the energy from DC current into AC current, making the energy match with your home grid. And useable for your appliances at home.

With regular fixed solar panel sets it is common to use one big inverter. Which will be places as close to the solar panels as possible. Most of the times the attic.

Teurglevering - stap 3 - Groepen

3. Via your socket the energy will flow to your circuit group in home and to the fuse in your meter cubboard. Other appliances that are active (in use) at home will use the generated energy first.

Regular fixed solar systems are always connected to a seperate fuse (circuit group) in the meter cubboard.

Teurglevering - stap 4 - Meterkast 4. The main meter in your meter cubboard will measure how much energy you feed-in to the grid and how much energy you still need from your energy company.
Teurglevering - stap 5 - Energienet

5. If you are not at home or you generate more energy then your appliances at home need, then the generated energy will be fed to the power grid, via the main meter in your meter cubboard. So others can put your green energy to good use.

Depending on regulation in your country or policies of your grid operator you will receive compensation for these kilowatthours (kWh) that you feed-in to the grid. In the Netherlands you recieve the same price per kWh, including taxes, for every kWh your feed-in to to grid, as you would have paid to buy it from your energy company.


Report your solar panels

In the Netherlands you are officially obliged to report your solar panels to the local grid operator. The local grid operators in the Netherlands have created the following website for consumers to report their solar panels,  www.energieleveren.nl. 

Advantage for you as solar panel owner is that de local grid operator also checks whether your main meter can measure feed-in energy, and if not they will often replace the main meter for a smart meter for free.

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