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The simplicity of plug & play solar panels

Begin met één icoon

Start with just 1 solar panel.

And expand at your own pace.
Do you have a shed, garden or flat roof? Or do you just want to start with solar panels? With Supersola you can already start with just one solar panel. And if you want to expand they can easily be connected with one another.
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Install it yourself

Solar energy via your socket
Yes, it is that easy! All you have to do is to plug it in a regular socket. The rest will take care of itself. When you do not use the power directly, you return the energy to your power grid. In both cases your energy bill will drop.
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Take your solar panels with you when you move.
Are you planning to move? Do not worry about your solar panels on your old home. Just take the Supersola’s with you.

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Install the Supersola yourself in 3 easy steps.


Step 1
Stap 1 - Plaatsen van de Supersola
Place the Supersola on a flat surface like a roof, garden or balcony with lots of sun. Place the Supersola by unfolding the windscreen.
Step 2
Stap 2 - Vullen van de ballasttanks
Fill the four ballast tanks with water to ensure the Supersola can take all wind gusts. This can easily be done with a garden hose or under a tap.
Step 3
Stap 3 - Stekker aansluiten
Plug the power plug into grounded socket. Done! The rest will take care of itself. You can install up to three Supersola’s per circuit group of your meter cupboard.

This is how the Supersola works





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proceeds each year
of average power usage
year full guarantee
Besides manufacturers warranty

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